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Welcome. We are excited to support your needs as either an existing or a new user of the CyberKnife® Robotic Radiosurgery System by providing additional information that is site specific. To build your profile, please complete the information below and click the Submit Application button. You will receive an automatic e-mail confirming your request for membership. After we review your request, we will send another e-mail containing your username and password.

To become a member we have the following prerequisites:

  1. The medical site must either have a CyberKnife® System installed or a sales contract signed
  2. The participant submitting the access request must be an authorized clinical user of the CyberKnife System at the medical facility, such as:
    • CyberKnife Medical Physicist
    • CyberKnife Administrator
    • CyberKnife Neurosurgeon
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